Sumitomo Demag advances medical molding concepts


It's getting easier for small injection molders with limited capital to participate in the rapidly growing medical plastics market.

Sumitomo(SHI) Demag (Schwaig, Germany) is advancing a previously developed concept now called activeCell, which is a self-contained injection molding Class 10,000 cleanroom. It includes a platen-mounted six-axis robot, laminar airflow cabinets for particle-free air around the mold, and built-in packaging capabilities.

"For many medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers a cleanroom facility is often a significant investment, not always essential for their production needs, and can be cost prohibitive when looking to expand into niche markets," says Nigel Flowers Sumitomo Demag's managing director. "ActiveCell is a self-contained mini cleanroom system designed to address current market requirements for a low investment alternative with complete flexibility at a fraction of the cost of a full cleanroom."

The system is available in 100, 160, 220 and 280 metric ton formats and combines technologies from the company's UK-based technology partner Motoman (robotics), AVT (packaging) and Max Petek (laminar flow hood). The Motoman is a six-axis robot....
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