Styron: Price increases for PC and PC compounds & blends in Europe

Styron Europe GmbH and its affiliate companies in Europe announced price increases for all CALIBRE™ polycarbonate (PC) and EMERGE™ compounds and blends products. Effective December 1, or as contract terms allow, the prices for these products will rise by EUR 230 per metric ton.

"Following the elevation in costs of the key raw materials associated with the production of CALIBRE™ and EMERGE™ as well as a decline in polycarbonate pricing over the past few months, PC margins have eroded steadily”, said Nicolas Joly, Product Market Manager for Polycarbonate, Compounds and Blends. "This is at a time when we continue to see demand for PC growing at a steady pace in the global market. With margins well below acceptable levels in Europe, this increase is essential to move returns back towards minimum sustainable levels,” continued Joly.