Styron: Price increase for polycarbonate in Europe

Today, Styron Europe GmbH and its affiliate companies in Europe announced price increases for all "Calibre” polycarbonate (PC) products. Effective as of July 1, or as contract terms allow, the prices for these products will rise by EUR 200 per metric ton. This price increase is already reflected in Styron's on-going pricing discussions with customers.

Styron is implementing this price increase to improve margins from their present unacceptable level.

"Since early 2012, the margins that have prevailed in the PC industry have declined to astonishing low levels”, says Peter Whitmore, Business Director Polycarbonate, Compounds and Blends at Styron. "There is a distinct lack of profitability, particularly in the lower tier of the PC market in Europe. Fundamentally, prices must improve in order to restore some margin in PC", said Whitmore.

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