Styron Europe: Price Increases for Polystyrene, Copolymers, Polycarbonate and Compounds & Blends

Effective immediately, or as existing contract terms allow, Styron Europe GmbH and its affiliate companies in Europe will increase the prices for all of these products as follows:

STYRON™ general purpose polystyrene grades (GPPS) by 50 Euro per metric ton
STYRON and STYRON A-TECH™ high-impact polystyrene grades (HIPS) by 75 Euro per metric ton
MAGNUM™ ABS resins by 110 Euro per metric ton
TYRIL™ SAN resin by 70 Euro per metric ton
CALIBRE™ polycarbonate resins and EMERGE™ advanced resins by 100 Euro per metric ton

These price increases are applicable across the European, Middle Eastern and African regions.