Structural adhesive bonding grows in importance in auto sector

There's no doubt that a variety of plastic and non-plastic materials will play key roles in vehicle lightweighting moving forward. The consequence of this trends is that various material combinations will need to somehow be bonded together and adhesives are set to play a large part in this.

According to some market insiders. the amount of adhesive employed in the car may grow by as much as one-third over the next five to ten years from the current 15 kg. And the advent of higher performance structural adhesives means load-bearing parts and components like doors, bumpers and struts can now be bonded and stiffened as well. Case in point: The new Cadillac CTS uses 387 feet of structural adhesives.

Suppliers such as Sweden's Atlas Copco (through its 2011 acquisition of SCA Schucker), PPG's Engineered Material Solutions business, and Germany's Henkel are gearing up to serve growing demand for auto adhesives, as is France's Aderis Technologies (Le Thillay, France), which recently launched its first line of hybrid structural adhesives, called INES for INterlaced Elastomer NetworkS. The new adhesives reportedly offer high structural and damping performance.

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