Stretch hood line turns processors’ heads


It's not a plastics processing machine per se but a stretch hood line running at the Chinaplas trade show was a crowd pleaser. In a country where manual stretch wrapping of pallets is common, the automated system from Germany's Beumer was an eye-opener for many.

Talking to PlasticsToday about the machine was Stefan Bonenkamp, commissioning engineer for Beumer, which is based in Beckum, Germany. The unit at the show was used to stretch a hood over a pallet full of bags of plastic pellets. After the pallet was hooded, Bonenkamp would then slice off the hood and send the pallet on its short conveyor through the stretch hood cycle again. [On the first day of the show a man approached the company and offered RMB 200 (almost $31) for each day's scrap. While speaking with PlasticsToday, Bonenkamp had to defend the growing pile of scrap from a woman who was wandering the halls in search of free scrap to collect. [Chinaplas tends to brings the local recycling entrepreneurs out of the woodwork].

Low-density polyethylene was used for the hood, so almost the same film as that used for shrink films, but with a lightly altered recipe....
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