Elastocon AB

Stress Relaxation System

Cell- oven with four independent  cells

A complete System for testing Stress Relaxation consisting of a Cell ovens with four cells (Elastocon can also supply cell ovens with up to six different temperatures or with temperature cycling). Special designed rigs for relaxation test, either in compression (ISO 3384) or tension (ISO 6914). The software EC 05 is userfriendly, it is easy to start a test and to define F0. Easy switching between graphic presentation in N or F/F0, switching between absolute time or relative time. All information can be open in the same window. Automatic calculation of mean value, calculation of relaxation at predefined times,automatic increase in log intervals etc.

As an option containers for testing in liquids are available. 

Elastocon will also demonstrate our System for Low Temperature Compression set, a system where you never have to open the freezer or touch the samples during the test period. Our system fulfils the new ISO standard 815-2

Besides the above we will also bring our System for test piece preparation and run our new product videos where you can see how the instruments are used.

Tips! Visit our website and see how some of our instruments are used!