Strategic focus crucial to molder's $21 million expansion

Strategically growing business requires a lot of planning and making many tough decisions, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Just ask Currier Plastics, ( a custom plastics processor specializing primarily in the packaging industry including beauty and cosmetics packaging, amenities, household consumables, and electronic connectors and medical measuring devices.

Currier has developed capabilities and expertise in mold design, injection molding and three blowmolding process – injection blowmolding, injection stretch blowmolding, and extrusion blowmolding. “That triangle of capabilities – design, injection molding and blowmolding – we believe is ideally suited for servicing the packaging industry,” says Max Leone, VP business development for Currier. “That is due to the fact that one type of container can require two processes. A injection blowmolded container can also require an injection molded cap or lid.”

The process actually began about seven years ago, says Leone. Today, Currier is in the final phase of its $21 million expansion. “Like many general-purpose molders we served many different markets,” he tells PlasticsToday. “We began to recognize, however, that it was getting more difficult to be all things to all people and began a strategic focus on the packaging market. We found that we had a number of customers – good customers – that we had to let go as our strategy evolved just because they weren’t well-suited for Currier’s strategic focus. From that point onward we continued on the path of developing the capabilities to serve primarily that market.”

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