Davis-Standard, LLC

Stimulus Spending Boosts Specialty Systems’ Business

The recent stimulus initiatives and increased R&D spending by the
U.S. government have proved advantageous for Davis-Standard’s Specialty Systems Group.
Several new projects are underway that involve Davis-Standard equipment and development
services. These include development of a more effective solar energy collection device, an
improved industrial battery and advances in renewable energy. Recycling of different materials,
including those derived from renewable resources, is also an area of growth.
Simon Dominey, Manager of the Specialty Systems Group, said Davis-Standard
customers are working on new materials and processes for these interesting applications.
According to Dominey, most of the projects are in the U.S.
“The majority of projects are still confidential, although some information may soon be
released for a few applications,” he said. “Many unique solutions that will bring value to the
marketplace are being developed. Some are as simple as careful web handling while others
involve reactive processing and chemical modification. Particularly fascinating is learning about
how non-conventional materials behave in processing and in end applications. It is an exciting
time to be in the R&D business.”
Davis-Standard manufactures a complete line of laboratory and specialty equipment for
nearly every extrusion application. The company’s versatile Killion product line is engineered for
precision laboratory and mid-size production and includes everything from bench model and
adjustable height extruders to downstream equipment and turnkey systems. This equipment
can be used with a variety of polymers and compounds, and is easily adaptable to processing
corrosive polymers, high temperature materials, and non-thermoplastics. Components can be
customized to meet specific processing requirements and conditions.
To find out how Davis-Standard can support your R&D efforts, contact Simon Dominey
at sdominey@davis-standard.com.
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