Steel sheet deep-drawing, back-molding in single step for plastic-metal hybrid parts


The Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Construction (IUL) at the Technical University of Dortmund, the Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) in Industry and the Skilled Crafts at RWTH Aachen University are jointly carrying out research into a process that involves the deep-drawing of metal and its backmolding with plastic for the production of hybrid plastic/metal structural parts.

Hybrid parts of this kind are being used increasingly as lightweight, load-bearing structures in vehicle production. They consist of a deep-drawn sheet steel component with a thickness of around 1 mm backmolded with plastic. The plastic serves to increase the stiffness, and may also contain functional and/or fixing elements. One requirement for the reliable production of such hybrid parts is a suitable bonding agent, which is first applied to the steel component. This provides a cohesive bond that ensures a homogeneous stress profile in the hybrid part.

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