Starlinger viscotec producing food-grade PCR HDPE flakes


Austrian company Starlinger viscotec has received FDA approval for its deCON decontamination dryer to make food-grade flakes from post-consumer recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene) milk bottles.

The deCON enables the re-use of PCR HDPE for food packaging applications under conditions E through G.

Lisa Straub, manager of Food Safety for Starlinger viscotec, told PlasticsToday the deCON was developed in 2007. Whereas the company's Starlinger SSP reactor is mainly used for decontamination and IV increase of PET pellets such as strapping, bottle-to-bottle, etc., the deCON was used to decontaminate post-consumer PET flakes and PIR (post-industrial regrind)....
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