Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Starlinger und SABIC present fabric made from PET tapes

The ambition to find new fields of application for PET in order to benefit from the specific characteristics of this plastic material also in new sectors initiated the cooperation between the Saudi-Arabian chemicals group SABIC and the Austrian mechanical engineer-ing company Starlinger.

The outcome of SABIC’s know-how in plastics production and Starlinger’s experience in process technology for plastic fabric is a tape extrusion line especially developed for the production of PET tapes. In contrast to traditional filament extrusion this procedure con-sists in cutting tapes from an extruded PET film which are stretched under thermal influ-ence and then cooled.
The result: Material input is reduced drastically while the high-quality chemical and physical characteristics of PET are maintained.

The use of PET fabric offers decisive advantages, especially in high-temperature ranges: excellent creep resistance, high tenacity and low shrinkage allow for the use of PET products in sectors where other plastic materials are not always appropriate or where there is still a need for improvement: whether used for hot-filling applications, geotex-tiles, carpet backing, FIBCs, as base material for PVC-coated tarpaulins or self-reinforced composite materials in the automotive and transport sector – there are numerous fields of application. Recyclability and reusability are other aspects in favour of PET.

In the course of a press conference which will be held at K on October 29, 2010 at 4:30 pm in CCD Süd, room 02/ground floor, SABIC and Starlinger will announce further details and information. Material samples and examples for application can be seen at the booths of SABIC (hall 6, booth D42 and hall 6.1, booth N-01/02/03) and Starlinger (hall 16, booth B47).