Sri Lanka rubber to capture 2 % of global market

Each year, the Rubber Development Department (RDD) provides subsidies  for growers to continue rubber replanting and new planting activities. In addition, RDD encourages all the rubber growers of the country to  grow inter-crops such as banana, passion fruit, plantains and other  fruit with rubber plants.

In addition, RDD has introduced a rain guard subsidy scheme for rubber cultivating lands in wet areas.

Sri Lanka manufactures different type of tyres especially pneumatic and radial tyres for passenger vehicles, solid tyres, tyres for  bicycles, motor cycles and three wheelers.

Plans have also been put in place to expand cultivation to non traditional areas, provide assistance for re-planting and adoption of agronomic practices, create awareness on good agricultural practices among growers/ producers, ensure sufficient raw materials for value  added rubber industry, increase productivity of small rubber growers, formulation of clusters of SMEs, establish rubber industry parks for SMEs, reduce transaction cost and increase the contribution of SME rubber exports to 1 % annually and safeguard the local rubber industry from unfair competition and to develop a five year quality improvement  programme with the industry participation.

Source: "Daily News", Colombo; 9 Oct 2012

(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)