Special polyester makes for low-cost radiation-detection technology


Teijin Chemicals Limited (Tokyo) has launched a polyester-based resin with a special molecular structure that emits blue fluorescence when exposed to radiation. Calling the Scintirex product a "revolutionary low-cost radiation-fluorescent plastic", Teijin said the plastic can be used in the production of scintillators, the core material in radiation detectors, with potential application by universities, research institutes and manufacturers in a variety of applications including radiation detectors and medical equipment.

A moldable plastics, Scintirex will reportedly help reduce the total cost of radiation detectors by cutting the production cost of scintillators to one tenth or less their current levels. Conventional scintillators are made with aromatic resins like polystyrene or polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), with the plastic containing fluorescent agents.
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