Sourcing technical solutions for molding challenges


The technical skills gap that exists in the plastics and composites industry affects all companies, large and small. It’s not just the processors and moldmakers that can’t find the skills they need—the raw material suppliers and OEMs have also thinned out their ranks of technical personnel, becoming more dependent upon their suppliers to fill the void.

One void that that plastics and composite companies struggle to fill is that of the service technician. You remember that person, right? The person who came to your plant to help you solve a processing problem or a raw material or tooling issue, or even to help you explain to the OEM why a part was failing in the field. This is the person whose job it is to help you manufacture good parts to make a profit.

Now, there’s an app for that! No, not on your iPhone, but a couple of guys with a combined 70 years’ of experience with a large resin producer who can help you solve your material or design issues, secondary operations, and part-performance issues—just like in the good ol' days. InnoMark Solutions Group, founded by partners Richard Broo and Steve Stretch, intends to provide assistance to processors and OEMs to help solve or eliminate unwanted raw material and part end-use performance problems. The company offers a three-pronged approach.
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