Songwon announces global price increases for its range of Thioester Antioxidants

Songwon Industrial, a leading developer and manufacturer of polymer additives, will increase global prices for its range of Songnox® Thioester Antioxidants - Songnox® DSTDP, Songnox® DLTDP, and Songnox® DTDTP. The increases will range between 10 to 25% effective on orders received on or after March 27, 2011, or as contracts allow, announced the company.

These adjustments are the result of very rapid and significant increases in the cost of Stearyl and Laurel based raw materials. Additionally, in the first two months of 2011, the Malaysian PKO index - Palm Kernel Oil, a precursor to the alcohols required to produce the Thioesters - was up by over 40% compared to the fourth quarter of 2010.

Songnox® Thioesters are produced at the Songwon Baifu Chemical Co. Ltd. Plant in China.