Songwon: New range of UV additive systems for plastics

Songwon, a leading additives supplier to the polymer industry, announces the development of a new range of unique and innovative UV additive solutions. The new products named SONGLIGHT® 2790 GR and SONGLIGHT 2930 GR are 100% UV active systems consisting of synergistic blends of several additives. The innovative new combinations deliver superior UV protection of plastics compared with standard UV formulations and are particularly suitable for thick plastic sections, where surface & colour protection are key to the customer's end use applications under severe UV irradiation.

"Innovation is a key component of Songwon strategy; this development has been driven by our understanding of our customers and their market needs”, stated Klaus Keck, Manager Global Application and Technical Service. "These specific new products show superior cost/performance characteristics when compared to the industry standards, and are particularly designed for PP, especially for thick sections.”

"The new products are both offered in dust free granular form allowing easy handling, conveying, processing as well as incorporation and dispersion into polyolefins”, added Joachim Bayer, Technical Sales Director EMEA, " and this represents an additional breakthrough, which addresses the difficult handling of some of the components due to their physical characteristics.”

"We are very proud of this development”, concluded Klaus Keck, "and we are sure that the market will take full advantage of this new opportunity; we are also actively working to extend the same concept to other polymer systems.”

More Information: www.songwonind.com