Songwon: Korean additives specialist improves positive results

Songwon Group, a leading global supplier of additives and other chemicals to the plastic industry, continues to show improvement in results vs. 2008 with a net profit of KRW 8.9 Billion for the third quarter of 2009 and of 22.4 Billion KRW for the first 9 months of 2009.

The key components of Songwon's strategy: reduce production costs through process improvements, economy of scale and back-integration; the last step of these actions has been the successful start up of the isobutylene production at the Maeam plant, which is the first commercial application of Songwon's new and patented technology.
focus on innovation and introduction of new products with the aim to fulfill all customer needs
develop geographical coverage and service level: which means not only to anticipate customers' quality and logistic requirements, but also to provide best in class documentation and regulatory support. In particular Songwon is at the forefront of the Reach implementation.
Last but not least Songwon continues to put emphasis on the environmental and safety across all of its business and continues to invest in order to improve its performance, which already exceeds industry standards.

More Information: www.songwonind.com