Solvay brings Solviva biomaterials to Brazil

Solvay Specialty Polymers (Alpharetta, GA) is making its Solviva biomaterials line commercially available in Brazil for the first time. Initially launched in the United States and Europe, the company has introduced the materials in China and now Brazil to serve an expanding global healthcare market, the company told PlasticsToday. "It became appropriate for us to support multinational medical device companies selling and producing globally as well as domestic players in the given regions," a company spokesperson said.

The Solviva line includes Zeniva polyetheretherketone, which has found applications in the spinal fusion sector because of its modulus, toughness, and fatigue resistance; Proniva self-reinforced polyphenylene; Veriva polyphenylsulfone; and Eviva polysulfone. The materials complement Solvay's current healthcare offerings in Brazil, which include medical polymers for nonimplantable uses....

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