SolidWorks and IQMS undertake joint venture


Instead of synchronizing a CAD platform with ERP software, SolidWorks and IQMS (Paso Robles, CA) have collaborated on an add-in that integrates IQMS' EnterpriseIQ into the SolidWorks software instead of interfacing with it via a linking program. The SolidWorks add-in is compatible with the EnterpriseIQ 2011 release and later.

Now, from within the SolidWorks menu, "users can link parts, tools, and other assembly file details and configurations to create engineering change orders (ECOs) and cross-populate the inventory, bills of material (BOMs), project management, and preventive maintenance modules in EnterpriseIQ for increased productivity and elimination of data inconsistency," according to IQMS.

Users can now use the EnterpriseIQ document control system to check documents in and out to "avoid overwriting changes, create workflows to ensure that sign-offs occur in a timely manner, manage document libraries, view and print SolidWorks PDFs from within EnterpriseIQ and track document history."