Solar power: one processor buys three companies, another invests in its own solar array


Three acquisitions announced this week give the Greiner Group entry into a new business field, the market for renewable energies and solar thermal energy, where it hopes to profit from its plastics processing prowess. In related news, custom injection and blowmolder Microdyne Plastics recently installed 2600 solar panel units on the company's roof, an investment its management expects will reduce future energy costs by 35%.

The Greiner Group's companies include one of Europe's largest plastics packaging processors, which also recently opened its first processing site in the Americas, and also includes one of the world's top manufacturers of profile extrusion tooling. Greiner's other business units include ones for processing of polyurethane for insulation, and Greiner Bio-One, which makes and markets preanalytics (blood and urine sampling systems) and products for pharmaceutical research and the diagnostics industry....
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