Solar’s prospects push DuPont to EVA and polyvinyl fluoride startups


DuPont has started ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) production at its Chinese joint venture Beijing Hua Mei Polymer Company Limited, with plans to market the EVA produced there under the Elvax brand. DuPont says the joint venture will supply a broad range of specialty EVAs targeting market segments like packaging, adhesives, wire and cable, footwear, renewable energy, and electronics.

DuPont splits its Elvax EVA resins into two markets: packaging and industrial. In packaging, the resins can be made into blown, extruded, cast, and coextruded films, or be blended with other resins. In industrial markets, the material's inherent flexibility, toughness, and clarity lend it to being molded or extruded into hoses and tubes. It can also be formulated into hot-melt adhesives used in plastics compounding, applied as wire and cable insulation, and see use in solar cells as an encapsulant.

Market watchers says DuPont's is one of several large factories specializing in vinyl acetate planned, with new enterprises set to appear in China, India, Iran and Saudi Arabia. There are to be three new plants in China, ...
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