Sodick goes thinner and faster


In perhaps the thinnest part being molded at IPF, a Sodick LP20EH2 machine with a 16-mm diameter plunger was demonstrated molding a camera shutter from polyacetal resin with minimum wall thickness of 0.08 mm at its tip.

The shot was injected in 6.4 milliseconds at a speed of 800 mm/s translating to an acceleration of 12.7 G. The part was being molded in a four-cavity tool at IPF, although in a production environment, an 8-12-cavity mold would most likely be used according to Shuji Aiba, Senior Manager of the Application Engineering Division at Sodick. The toolmaker Hakkai Creates (Niigata, Japan) employed a Sodick EDM machine in fabricating the mold.

Sodick Plustech (Yokohama, Japan) also exhibited a liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection press based on its V-Line plunger system with the LSR fed through a conveying screw to prevent surging. The LSR100A employs a shorter plasticizing screw of L/D 10 compared with 18 for a standard machine in order to minimize material wastage, which is a particular advantage in the medical sector where LSR grades are typically costly. Sodick Sales Manager Kyosuke Mutoh reports demand for such machines is increasing in Singapore and Malaysia due to a booming medical device industry.
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