SML Maschinengesellschaft m.b.H.

SmartCast® – SML’s new high-performance stretch film line

The name SmartCast® stands for SML's new 3 meter wide (6-up) machine concept for the production of enhanced stretch film qualities at top performance level. A modular system with four pre-configured extrusion units at throughputs ranging up to 3,000 kg/h and the choice between five or seven layers guarantee easy customizing to meet individual requirements.

Using the optional edge encapsulation system, production speeds of up to 750 m/min are feasible, which provides an output on the winder of over 1,500 kg/h of 12µm film.

Apart from a new generation of standard and high-speed extruders, SML has also upgraded the chill roll unit by adding additional functions, avoiding vibrations and making operation easier.

The SmartCast® line is complemented by the newly developed W4000-4S winder, the "multi-talent" in SML's winder portfolio.

The ‘4S’ stands for ‘four shafts’ per turret. The design incorporates all functional requirements as demanded from key-players in the market. Apart from winding all common stretch film products that currently found in the market, it has been developed for anticipated new products to be launched soon. In addition to the obligatory machine and jumbo rolls, the winder is able to produce hand rolls on various dimensions. As 4 winding shafts are employed, the indexing angel is just a quarter of a turn. A faster turret cuts cycle time further, resulting in an ultimate short film tail as required in the market.

Moreover, the highest winding quality until the last layer is achieved by the employment of a separate contact roller engaged during the indexing process. Due to 4 shafts, unloading of finished rolls and loading of new cores is done simultaneously, which saves additional time. The winder W4000 4S meets the trend towards downgauging to a minimum film thicknesses of 6µm and soft rolls by winding tension as low as 10N, also at highest speeds. The winder is available for widths from 1m to 4m.

Furthermore, ThinCore technology, automatic core and roll handling are obligatory.

Who could ask for more? The SmartCast® stands out for it's top performance, versatility and efficiency. Therefore, if an universal stretch film line is in your interest, don't get lost in the crowd, come and see the new SmartCast® in operation on the SML booth no. 17/C42 at the K 2013 in Düsseldorf.