Small wood-plastic composite pellets facilitate processing

Size matters when it comes to wood-plastic composites (WPCs), or so says bioscience company Green Dot (Cottonwood, KS). The company has introduced a smaller pellet size suited for injection molding and sheet extrusion that, it claims, makes the material easier to process than other WPCs and results in better-quality products using existing equipment. Because they are uniform in size and shape, Terratek WPC pellets can be processed without extensive mold modifications. And since lower melt temperatures can be used and cycle times are reduced, production costs can be lowered.

"Most wood-plastic composite materials are only made for extrusion of plastic lumber–like decking," Green Dot CEO Mark Remmert told PlasticsToday. "The size and inconsistency of these pellets present challenges for manufacturers of injection molded parts. Green Dot's Terratek pellets are optimized to better meet the needs of these manufacturers."...

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