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Elektra Light
RITMO S.P.A. is a 30 year experienced company and leader in manufacturing of plastic welding equipment. and presents Elektra Light is a new machine of ELEKTRA series:

Elektra Light, for couplings Ø 20-125/160 mm.
Elektra 400, with an application field of Ø 20-400 mm
Elektra 800, the most powerful model, for couplings Ø 20-800 mm

Elektra Light, a Multipurpose Electrofusion Machine capable of fusing any brand of couplings (8÷48V) available in the market for the transport of gas, water and other fluids under pressure (HDPE, PP, PP-R) meeting the national and international welding standards.
Elektra Light is light and easy to carry. Elektra Light has a memory that keeps track of 350 cycles of welding with the possibility to download or print.
Two versions are available with or without light pen for reading bar code to set the welding parameters.

Technical Features
Working range: 20 -125/160 mm
Welding output voltage: 8 ÷ 48 V
Power supply: 230 V single phase 50/60 Hz
Max power absorbed: 2000 W
Memory: 350 report
Dimensions: 200 x 250 x 210 mm
Weight: 7 Kg

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