Small business owners think U.S. is on the wrong track


A national survey conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of 1409 small-business owners/executives released July 11, revealed that 84% indicate that the U.S. economy is on the "wrong track." These owners/executives of small businesses ($25 million or less in annual company income) are a bit more hopeful about their local economic situation, with only 54% saying their local economies are on the wrong track. When it comes to their own businesses however, two-thirds say they are on the right track.

When asked about their own businesses, 23% of survey respondents said their business's best days are "behind us;" with 39% more hopeful and said their best days are "ahead of us." The other 38% were not sure. Respondents were less optimistic about America, with 39% saying that America's best days are "behind us," 20% said America's best days are ahead, and 41% are not sure.

The survey showed that "economic uncertainty" is the most important challenge facing small business today, with 49% ranking it within the top three choices. American's growing deficit came in second with 47% indicating that is the most important challenge (43% say it definitely poses a long term threat to the U.S. economy)....
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