Sipa promises a new era of lightweighting; provides a preview of K

PET packaging technology provider Sipa provided a short preview of what it will showcase at K 2013. The company is inviting attendees to be “one of the first to learn how our innovations can bring you long-lasting, high-performing and more economically viable production in the packaging industry.”

A new era of lightweighting?

The company asks the industry to imagine being able to produce a 500-mL bottle preform that weighs only 7.2 g with no production issues, either in injection or in stretch-blow.

"You’d be able to use less raw material, create less waste, reduce transportation costs, and limit your carbon footprint," the company said. "Now you can have it all. See the SIPA X-Mould new injection mold technology that’s allowing unprecedented weight reductions and redefining the boundaries of PET packaging at this year's K trade fair in Düsseldorf."...

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