Singapore consumer association finds harmful chemicals galore in Chinese toys


A test of 50 toys recently conducted on behalf of the Consumer Assn. of Singapore (CASE) by local testing firm Insight Laboratories found that 23 of them (46%) failed chemical toxicological tests and were found to contain higher than permitted levels of phthalates, lead, or both. Singapore currently does not have a test standard for toy safety so U.S. and international regulatory standards were adopted.

CASE commissioned the test following an incident in February 2010 where several elementary school students suffered from food poisoning as they did not wash their hands properly after handling a bean toy. The bean toy was later found to contain two types of phthalates.

For the tests, CASE purchased 50 toys randomly from the different parts of Singapore and sent them for testing. These included soft and pliable plastic toys (indicating the possible presence of excessive phthalates) as well as painted toys (where lead may be used)....
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