Simulation technology for glass fiber reinforced parts receives accolade

Ticona, (Sulzbach, Germany) reports its paper on integrative simulation technology for glass fiber reinforced parts will receive a Best Paper Award in September during opening ceremonies of the 13th annual SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE).

On the morning of September 11, David Sheridan, lead author and a senior design engineer at Ticona Engineering Polymers, will receive a commemorative plaque for excellence in technical writing in Novi, MI, for the paper entitled Integrated Anisotropic Simulation for Components Made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics. He will present the paper from 11:30 to noon on Sept. 12, following a tutorial earlier that day on Design & Development of Precision Plastic Gear Transmissions.

The paper, co-authored by Ulrich Mohr-Matuschek and Anton Grzeschik, both of Ticona, and Roland Peter of Inteva Roof Systems (Troy, MI), discusses how accurately analyzing and predicting the mechanical behavior of components made from fiber-reinforced thermoplastics is complex owing to the fact that fibers are individually oriented during injection molding. Finite-element analysis often uses isotropic material models, but accuracy of results can be improved if local fiber orientations are considered with anisotropic material properties. The paper introduces the analysis process and a practical application....

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