Simulation software calculates heat transfer of all mold components over multiple cycles


By calculating multiple consecutive production cycles and taking into account the thermal interactions throughout all the components in the mold, Sigmasoft's "multi-cycle analysis" boosts the accuracy of an injection molding simulation. Sigma Plastic Services presented its Sigmasoft 3D injection molding process simulation software at the recent Euromold 2011, highlighting its multi-cycle analysis feature as a new benchmark in injection molding simulation.

In conventional software, a fixed mold temperature is defined and the whole simulation is carried out under the assumption that this value remains constant over time, noted Marco Thornagel, executive director of Sigma Engineering.

In reality, however, Thornagel notes that a very complex thermal process is taking place within the mold. As the steel is cooled with a tempering system, the mold is then heated when the hot polymer melt enters the cavity and there is a loss of thermal energy towards the surrounding environment. The heat transfer properties of the polymer melt, runner system, inserts, and mold all contribute to the final temperature....
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