Wacker Chemie AG

Silicone Elastomers Customized for Extreme Temperatures

What makes the ELASTOSIL® R 756 series so special is its extreme heat resistance after curing. The new solid silicone rubber grades are designed in such a way that their excellent properties unfold by interaction with the heat stabilizers added to the base rubber during the compounding process. Depending on the heat stabilizer added during compounding, the vulcanizates can withstand temperatures up to 300 °C – even over relatively long periods of time. Blends based on ELASTOSIL® R 756 can be compression molded, injection molded and extruded. Whether serving as base raw materials or as ready-to-use compounds, already containing highly effective heat stabilizers, the new solid silicone rubbers are ideal for producing hoses and gaskets that are exposed to elevated temperatures – such as automotive parts and baking ovens.

ELASTOSIL® R 490/55, by contrast, is a solid rubber that remains extremely flexible even at very low temperatures. Not even extremely low temperatures of down to -110 °C have any effect on this phenylsilicone rubber. ELASTOSIL® R 490/55 also features high radiation resistance. It can be compression molded, injection molded and extruded.