Siemens to Build Wastewater Treatment Facility for Chinese Refinery


China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) has chosen Siemens Water Technologies to provide a system for wastewater treatment at its refinery in Anqing in the Anhui Province of China.

The waste water treatment facility will employ a powdered activated carbon treatment (PACT) system, a Zimpro wet air regeneration (WAR) hydrothermal unit, and a Hydro-Clear sand filtration system. This three stages are used to treat salty and oily wastewater from refining and petrochemical production activities at Sinopec refinery. The system will become operational in 2012 and is planned according to the recent Chinese specifications for surface discharge.

The new wastewater treatment system is expected to process up to 1000m3/h discharge, producing 500m3/h reusable water as a byproduct. This water will be reused in the cooling tower system to reduce the refinery's total water consumption....
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