Sidel launches carbonated drinks option for its PET bottle base


Sidel has developed a carbonated soft drinks (CSD) version of its StarLite PET bottle base. Sidel's StarLite is a uniquely shaped base that the company claims increases the overall resistance and stability of PET bottles. It can also reportedly reduce the amount of PET material needed to produce the finished bottle.

The award-winning StarLite base design was originally developed for non-carbonated drinks where the bottles are under less pressure. The still drinks version was launched in 2013, and that design won the 'Best Environmental Sustainability Initiative' category at the 2013 Global Bottled Water Awards. Seeing the potential for its usage in CSD, Sidel's packaging division took the principles adopted in the still drinks base and analyzed different base designs to achieve the optimum performance and strength for CSD products. They then carried out numerous computer simulations followed by real-world physical tests.

Several Sidel customers have trialed the StarLite CSD bottle base and have reported significant improvements in resistance to stress cracking. Under the test protocol of the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT), the new base lasted 30% longer for 0.5 liter bottles, 50% longer for 1.5 liter bottles and 60% longer for 2.0 liter bottles. The base successfully completed the ISBT 24-hour creeping test under 45°C conditions, compared with 38°C required under standard testing. Sidel says that this means the base has better resistance and is less likely to burst during production or deform during transport.
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