Sica: wide-ranging innovation

At the K-exhibition in Dusseldorf in October 2013, Sica will show “Green” machines designed to save energy, materials and costs:

TRS 160 W, a cutting machine for PVC, PP and PE pipes that solves the old problem of chips and dust. In facts, thanks to the patented solution, finally it can cut and chamfer without removing material. The machine guarantees not only a clean and perfectly perpendicular cut with knife but also a precise and well-defined chamfer, maintaining the same productivity and a satisfactory speed; these are requirements for modern extrusion lines

Two belling machines:

The first one, Multibell 200 M for PVC sewage pipe, reaches 900 sockets/hour with the flagship version. Maintaining unchanged the quality standards and product reliability, the new machine introduces numerous technical features in view of a greatly reduced price both of machine and equipment and various new advantages compared to the previous version such as more compact dimensions with equal productivity, revolutionary system for multi-socketing pipes, absence of the hydraulic unit, ease of use and quick format change.

Please note that joining the Multibell 200M for PVC is the new Everbell socketing machine for processing PP pipes. The Everbell, which maintains only the name of the previous model, has been completely rethought and modernized like the Multibell.