Shrink sleeve label market gaining ground


The sleeving label market comprised 19% of the total label format demand in 2013, according to the most recent report provided by William Llewellyn, PhD, Vice President and Senior Consultant for AWA Alexander Watson Associates. Llewellyn gave his report at the recent Sleeve Label Conference & Exhibition 2014, April 29 and 30, in Cincinnati, OH.

Global growth for all label formats in 2013 is estimated at approximately 3.5%. Growth in the North American (0.5%) and European (+/-2%) markets reflects the maturity of these developed regional markets. Growth remains strongest in the Chinese and Indian markets, but does show a slowdown from historical highs, Llewellyn stated.

Trends show that glue-applied label volumes continue to grow in emerging markets and are declining in developed markets. Sleeve labels offer the greatest growth potential, with heat-shrink sleeve labels occupying 88% of the sleeving market. The market for global sleeve labels in 2013 stood at 9.6 billion square meters, with North American demand consuming 11%; Europe 24%; and Asia 61% of that figure. South America and Africa each stood at just 2%.

Global sleeve label demand by materials puts PVC as the largest material for that application at 56%, with PET coming in second at 21%. Other materials include oriented polystyrene (10%), polyolefin (3.0%), PE (8%), and other (2%).
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