Shocking development: Projectile Taser cartridge made with 56 micromolded parts, 20 molds, and on-target collaboration


A partnership that dates back to 1997 between Icon Injection Molding Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) and Taser International has now brought the Taser XREP (Extended Range Electronic Projectile) cartridge into the hands of law enforcement/corrections personnel, professional security personnel, the military, and consumers (for personal protection). When Taser International came to Icon with its newest law enforcement device, Icon's engineering team began looking at ways to design and manufacture this unique and challenging product.

The Taser XREP cartridge is the size of a shotgun shell, loaded with Taser components that shoot a wireless charge. "It packs twice as much power and has four times the range of standard Taser guns," says Icon president and co-owner Danny Kleitsch. This self-contained wireless electronic control device (ECD) deploys from a standard 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, and is the most technologically advanced projectile ever deployed in this manner, according to Taser. It delivers a neuro muscular incapacitation (NMI) bio-effect similar to Taser's other well-known devices, such as the handheld Taser X26 ECD....
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