Shipping mold components or anything else


This is a real eye opener for me and some other people I know who made presumptions based on hearsay and old policy. How much does your company spend on shipping? Do you use FedEx, UPS, trucking co's, dedicated trucks - how do you insure your packages?

With the cost of fuel going as high as it is now ....surcharges are unreal - but wait til you ask about additional insurance or have you? Do you know how much insurance a trucking company gives you when they pick up your package or mold? Have you any idea how much more it cost to insure it to a reasonable amount to cover your loss should something happen? You will be surprised when you start digging.

I sent a mold weighing 3388 lb by truck to Toronto from SC - not fast - a five day trip was allowed. The standard insurance was given of maximum $25/lb so the max I can get if lost/wrecked/gone is $84,700 for a $220K mold. The max the company will allow me to insure is $150K for an additional $2.50/lb bringing the charge with fuel surcharge to over $5166 one way. I sent the sister mold last year for under two grand but wasn't thinking insurance or replacement cost should anything happen. ...
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