Shepherd Thermoforming develops system for contour-package printing


Disruptive technology is always on the horizon and that is particularly true in the packaging market, where brand owners are always on the look-out for new materials, new package designs, and new technologies to enable both. One technology that has been tried by thermoforming companies in the past, but never really got traction because of its complexity, is “contour printing"—also known as pre-print or distortion printing.

Shepherd Thermoforming & Packaging Inc. (Brampton, ON) showcased its contour-printed package technology in the SPE Thermoforming Division’s annual Parts Competition. Shepherd recently developed a system that brings this innovative contour-printing technology to the next level. According to Todd Shepherd, president of Shepherd Thermoforming, recent innovations in digital printing opened up opportunities for the technology to be a viable alternative for retail packaging....
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