Sheet shows tool surface pressure variations


A new surface pressure indicating sheet from Sensor Products Inc. (Madison, NJ) is said to improve yields and reduces defects in the injection molding process by minimizing flash, shorts, and burns, among other defects. The primary purpose of Mold-Align is to indicate mold face planarity. When placed between mold halves that are compressed together, the material instantaneously changes color revealing how pressure is being distributed between the mold faces. Uniform surface pressure across the parting line and platens is needed for the two mold halves to be aligned.

According to the supplier, traditional methods such as bluing agents, clay and conventional carbon paper don't provide the same precision, ease of use, or resolution as Mold-Align. Mold-Align is quick, requires no prior training, and leaves no residue to be cleaned up. Unlike bluing agents which are applied to just one mold half and only indicate whether transference of the dye has occurred, Mold-Align enables the user to distinguish between high- and low-pressure areas along the parting line....
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