PTI Processing Technogies International, LLC

Sheet Extrusion System suits inline thermoforming/roll stock in Russia

Since March 2010 mm-agencies have been representing PTI in Eastern Europe and Russia, the system has been receiving a high level of interest from producers in the region with several projects under consideration. The systems adaptability and fast start up times offer real advantages to producers.Offered in monolayer or co extrusion formats, GLOBALINE® produces sheet from materials such as PP, PS, PET, and polylactic acid in widths of 40 or 60 in. It can be configured for production outputs between 650-3,900 lb/hr. Design includes linear bearing mounted frame infrastructure; pivoting extruder base via hydraulic jacking system, simplifying screw removal/maintenance; and touch screen controls. Available in NPE version for inline thermoforming or full-length for producing roll stock.