Seven custom presses shipped for game-changing CFRP plant


The first plant in the world to produce carbon fiber parts in a speedy new mass-production process will be "fully functional" in January.

The $30 million facility in Walker, MI will feature custom-built presses using a proprietary out-of-autoclave technology developed by Plasan Carbon Composites. The process is being adapted by Globe Machine Manufacturing Co. (Tacoma, WA), which has already shipped seven presses to the Michigan plant.

Gary Lownsdale said in a keynote address at the Society of Plastics Engineers Automotive Composite Conference & Exhibition (Troy, MI) that the plant will produce automotive parts for a single customer. He said he could not identify the part or the OEM because of confidentiality agreements. Initial capacity will be 30,000 to 50,000 vehicle sets per year. There are plans for a ramp-up to as many as 250,000 vehicle set per year....
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