Scottsdale inventor and cat lover invents fresh air fan for litter boxes


Litter box odor is something that cat lovers have been dealing with for decades. Now, thanks to cat-lover and inventor Dwayne Baker, founder of DNKB Inc., there's hope for fresh air.

Baker, who appeared on the evening news in Phoenix recently, has invented the Purr-ifier, a fan that attaches to the standard covered litter box over the vents to draw air into the box and through a carbon filter to capture not only odor but the bacteria that litter boxes contain.

The molds for plastic housing for the Purr-ifier fan were built in China because of the cost. However, Baker told PlasticsToday that he moved the molds from China to Tempe, AZ-based Integrity Mold, a custom injection molder that also has tooling capabilities. Baker purchased two molds, a 2-cavity mold for the ABS housing, and another mold for the ABS cover. The molds arrived in Tempe on Friday, Feb. 8, and are currently being evaluated and readied for production.
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