Scientific troubleshooting increases molding efficiencies

There are many classes in scientific molding principles, but when it comes to the troubleshooting aspect of molding, information on applying scientific principles is lacking. That was the impetus for Tim Worthington to help molders apply scientific molding principles to troubleshooting through his business, Tim Worthington Consulting (

As a plastic manufacturing and engineering specialist, Worthington has seen many troubleshooting guides, but most are "generic” rather than specific or scientific. Typically, if parts start to go bad during production, technicians begin to try and solve the problem by adjusting the process, rather than analyzing the problem to see if it’s the mold and/or the process.

Given that both the mold and the process are key to molding conforming parts, invariably Worthington finds that process technicians will start trying to correct the problem by changing the processing parameters only....

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