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Scientific Polymer Web Shop

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Imagine, having access to the polyolefin samples you need. You can now order them in our webshop!

We now provide small samples of polyethylene and polypropylene produced in our bench scale reactors at our webshop.

Based on your needs we can provide the samples through our regular offer of polyethylene or tailor made PE and PP according to customer specification.

If you need...
• Specific compositions, comonomers, Mw, MWD
• Selected samples with defined characteristics and variations
• Thoroughly characterised and well defined

NORNER’s polymerisation laboratory can supply this!

We supply a wide range of PE materials polymerised with standard catalysts and comonomers in slurry conditions. These polymers are suitable for scientific, research and development work where well defined polymers are needed for physical or chemical studies or for calibration purposes.

Samples will be delivered with Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) with analytical data like MFR, density, comonomer content, DSC, GPC and information of additivation for pellet samples.

Extended offer on request
In addition to our standard offer we can provide a wider range of materials on request or in larger amounts. Alternative PE materials can range from uni-modal materials made in gas phase, slurry or bulk, to more advanced or complex com

Tailor made products according to our clients’ own chemicals, such as catalysts, comonomers, additives etc. can be prepared by our polymerisation facility including pelletisation and additivation. Additional analyses, polymer test data etc. can also be provided.