Schick's new razor gives a greener shave with reclaimed resin


Schick has launched the first disposable razor to use 100% recycled plastic in the production of its handle.

Suma Nagaraj, brand manager for Schick Xtreme3, told PlasticsToday the new Schick Xtreme3 Eco line is made with recycled plastic derived from plastic clothes hangers, buckets, and pails instead of other biodegradable or recycled materials in order to have a more immediate impact on the environment.

"We recognize that people everywhere are becoming more mindful of the environment, and looking for simple ways they can do their part," she said. "Schick wanted to give those people a simple and easy way to finally achieve a greener shave."

From using recycled plastic in the new razor, the company will save an estimated 118,000 lb of virgin materials from going into landfills each year.
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