Sandretto: Luigi Sorice is the new General Manager

Photonike Capital SA, parent company of Sandretto S.p.A., announced the designation of the new General Manager: Luigi Maria Sorice, former Sales Director of the company. Sorice has an extensive experience in systems planning and certified productions, with particular focus on automotive standards.

In his new role, he will follow all stages of the production reorganization - already provided for in the recovery plan - to rationalize production and make the company more efficient in capturing new business opportunities. At this stage, Sandretto has other qualified managerial inputs, an enhancement of production, purchases and sales areas.

Sandretto S.p.A. and Photonike wish the new General Manager and his team a good job, and also warmly thank Dr. Massimo Postiglione for the efforts made until now. Dr. Postiglione will remain as the head of the legal and institutional relations of Sandretto S.p.A. and will assume new responsibilities in Photonike.

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