San Francisco passes strict bottled water ban


Looks like bottled water and plastic bags may soon be viewed the same way in San Francisco - as banned plastic packaging. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has approved a measure that would ban the sale of the bottled water at events held on city property. Specifically, the measure would ban the sale or distribution of bottled water in plastic bottles of 21 fluid ounces or less at parks, concerts, large public events and mobile food trucks.

The ordinance, which was approved unanimously, looks to expand tap access in city parks and require the installation of hydration stations or water hook-ups where there is a capital project in a popular park or plaza. It must be approved by the board one more time before it is sent to San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

"Every 27 hours, Americans consume enough bottled water to circle the entire equator with plastic bottles stacked end to end. We have to do better," said David Chiu, president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. "This ordinance will not only reduce our bottled water waste, it will also put our city's resources in the right place-investing in residents' access to pristine Hetch Hetchy water."
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