Saint-Gobain to supply plastic disposables for Argos' personalized immunotherapy technology


Saint-Gobain (Aurora, OH), a supplier of polymer components and associated technologies for the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and medical industries, has entered into an agreement with Argos Therapeutics (Durham, NC) to design, integrate, and scale production of a range of plastic disposables for use in the automated manufacturing of its AGS-003 personalized immunotherapy product.

Based on Argos' Arcelis technology platform, AGS-003 has been developed to treat metastatic renal cell carcinoma. It is currently being tested in a phase III clinical trial.

The Arcelis process uses only a small tumor or blood sample and the patient's own dendritic cells, which are collected and optimized through a single procedure. RNA isolated from the patient's disease sample is used to program dendritic cells to target disease antigens. The activated, antigen-loaded dendritic cells are then formulated into the patient's plasma and administered via intradermal injection.

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