S+S: VTC group in Munich acquires a 70 percent interest

The ownership of S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH in Schönberg has changed. With effect from from 1 January 2011 the Munich based VTC Group has acquired a 70 percent interest in the business. The objective of the acquisition for the previous shareholders is to ensure the successful growth of the business and develop its management structure for the future, says the company.

18 years since it was bought out from the Hoesch-Krupp Group the shareholders Paul Dittrich, Franz Greipl, Helmuth Frisch and Karl Eibl have sold a majority of the shares to VTC. Karl Eibl and Helmuth Frisch will continue in their roles as executive managers of S+S and further develop the company in concert with the new partner. In coming to the decision to transfer a significant interest in the company to a new major shareholder it was of hugely importance to the partners that the company´s independence was maintained and the location and jobs in Schönberg secured. With over 300 employees S+S continuity of employment and keeping its roots in the region was a decisive factor in the search for new corporate partners and played an important part the selection by the existing board.

S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH is a manufacturer of detection, separation, and sorting systems with applications in a wide range of industries including the important recycling sector. Founded in Schönberg in 1976, S+S has experienced continuous within the last decade has established subsidiaries in Singapore, China, USA, Great Britain, and France. All S+S products are developed, designed, and largely manufactured in Germany. Almost 60 percent are exported globally and in 2010 worldwide sales exceeded Euro 30 million.